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Studio Stories

Recently I relocated to a unique new 17th Century studio space in the attic at the Hearth Arts Centre, Horsley. At one point in its life my little attic space was used to hide priests preaching from the first Bible translated into English but today it sits stuffed to the beams with my original paintings, prints and gift ware.

I loved my year at Gibside but when the opportunity came up to apply to join the group of artists at the Hearth I felt I couldn't say no. Surrounded by the Northumberland countryside and its inhabitants, I have no shortage of inspiration for her work and I am certainly a lot warmer than I was in my previous space. My new studio also offers both myself and visitors the perfect escape from busy city life with a family of other studio artists and a cafe offering good coffee.

Featuring original beams and wooden floors Attic West Studio comes with a lot of charm and character to complement my work on display. You might get to meet my studio dog Tara, there is even a little paddock out the back which houses some horses and a cocky pheasant should I require any live models.

I will be working from my new studio regularly when not attending fairs and events across the UK. Alongside all my work on display I am also hosting more wildlife painting workshops from the church hall at the Hearth which will be listed on my website workshops section.

Now firmly settled into my new space I look forward to meeting you and seeing if you can help me name the latest painting in the collection! I am soon going to be launching a new range of paintings featuring elements of screen-printing and inspired by Northumberland hedgerows and would love to hear your thoughts.

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