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International Shipping Changes

I really value all my amazing international customers but I have temporarily removed the option to ship outside of the UK from my website. This is due to a couple of reasons including price increases, new EU trade rules, codes and disruptions to international courier services. It is also partly because I have so many products of different weights. In the UK the weight parameters for different parcels are broader but when shipping abroad the price jumps significantly per 100g. The weight rules are confusing trying to marry rules that work for both the UK and abroad and a lot of the time international postage works out considerably more in the post office than it does on my website. Combined with lockdown with a toddler my time is limited and I don't have the time required to fathom postage costs for every country.

However this does not mean I will not ship abroad. I am more than happy to ship internationally but for the time being I will be doing it on an order by order basis. So please get in touch and I will do my best to work out the best price for you based on what you would like to order


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