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Jina Gelder


It's lovely to 'meet' you! Here's a little bit of information about me and my business Jina Gelder Illustration.

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Jina's Story

Jina is a wildlife artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Aside from selling her original artworks she has developed a range of products perfect for wildlife lovers. She loves expressing life and movement in her work and enjoys exploring different mark making in her practice. Jina attributes her loose and lively style to working as quickly as possible to imbue her subject matter with character and personality and give her subjects the life to leap off the page. She work's primarily in ink and watercolour, although she occasionally dabbles in acrylics when doing mural work or gold leaf when she feels like creating something shiny.


Jina Gelder Illustration paintings are available at a variety of shows and galleries throughout the year or you are more than welcome to visit Jina's Northumberland studio in person. She has a fabulous studio at the Hearth in Horsley, residing alongside several other artists and with a cafe just downstairs. Jina's attic west studio is fully stocked for you to visit and see her work. Her studio days are listed on the Calendar. You're welcome to get in touch to arrange a visit if these dates aren't suitable.

Outside the world of paints and paper Jina has a young son and a whippet. They like to explore muddy puddles, climb trees and splash about in the sea. Sometimes the juggle of being a Mam and  business woman can be quite stressful, especially when Fraser tries to 'help' Jina paint. 

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Get in Touch

Attic West Studio

The Hearth Arts Centre

Main Road


Newcastle upon Tyne

NE15 0NT


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