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Barn Owls have always been a favourite of mine and I've spent hours in bird hide locations watching them swoop and search for food. Owls have always been popular subjects within my work and I wanted to produce a painting of a Barn Owl in flight but using some beautiful and delicate colours to accentuate a largely pale bird.With Breeze I wanted to capture the grace and delicate features of a barn owl whilst using stronger colours to give another dimension to the painting. My marks with watercolour are fluid and loose and built on top of the defined black ink they give the subject life and form. I enjoy exploring bold colours within a realistic depiction of the subject matter. Breeze was a perfect model and was initially photographed at the Kielder Bird of Prey Centre.

'Breeze' Original Barn Owl Inks and Watercolours

  • Mounted in a cream and black core mount measuring 18"x18"

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