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I'm not Amazon...

Good afternoon! I wanted to take the time to say a humungous thank you for all your support this year. Its been a strange one hasn't it! Back in March I had no idea what the year would hold for my little business and those of all the amazing people I know through the shows we would normally do this year. Having had my online store already set up has definitely been a bonus for me although I was blown away by how many people chose to support my business and buy my various wares.

For anyone who has not met me in person I am a one-woman show. There is just me in the business and I am as far from having the capability of larger businesses as possible but that means it means so much more to me when you buy something than from when you buy from Mr Bezos. Don't get me wrong, I love Amazon, without it I wouldn't have been able to buy some of the inks, packing, paints and other materials I've needed this year. However, when you've bought something from me or even just commented on one of my posts it genuinely makes me smile and sometimes even a little teary. I recently received a post card from one of my customers in Australia. She'd sent it for my son and I actually did cry at that one. It was such a beautiful gesture and I really cannot thank each and every one of you enough for every bit of support you've given me.

Because I don't have a warehouse full of minions my house has been a bit manic the last couple of months and I am grateful for your patience with posting your orders. The volume caught me quite unawares and I think I might even be needing to employ someone in the near future, even if it just means I get to hoover more often! In the meantime I have had phenomenal support from my Mam.

I think being in my support bubble has meant more work for her but she's helped wrap, make and post hundred's of orders the last couple of months. My dining room is very much a massive, messy work zone at the moment complete with a 7ft lighthouse sculpture I'm painting for a charity trail. My garage is where I store most of my stock and sublimate my placemats, decorations, cushions and clocks. I also have a home studio upstairs where I print cards, prints, lampshades and the designs for my sublimation products. There is also my studio at The Hearth Horsley where I do most of my painting and try and look presentable to visitors. The majority of my products are made in the UK. The only time I buy from abroad is when I don't have an alternative. I use a local printer for my calendars and coasters, the china is made in Stoke on Trent and my silk scarves are printed in Edinburgh. Some of the sublimation blanks are made in China but they are printed and designed in house. By the way sublimation is a process where you transfer a printed image from special paper onto a surface coated by a substrate or fabrics containing polyester.

Anyway I will stop waffling, anyone who has met me at a show knows I can talk a lot and go off on various tangents. Below are some behind the scenes pics. If you hover over there is a caption explaining a little bit more.

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1 Comment

Dec 12, 2020

You have been very busy 😊 hopefully after Christmas you will get some family time. I am pleased you have had lots of orders , you deserve to succeed, I am very proud of you.

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