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The next step in my journey...

January marked the end of a wonderful two years for me on the Allendale Forge Studios Young Rural Entrepreneurs scheme. I had the pleasure of receiving support and a fully funded studio for a fabulous two years during which I got to meet lots of new customers, made fabulous networking connections and draw on the support which the Forge and Amanda offered me to grow my existing business into the shape it takes today.

The studio gave me a retail outlet but also a space to try out new products and it was wonderful to be able to work and get feedback on my latest painting from the people living in and visiting the Allen Valleys. The scheme gave me the confidence to push my business and I'm excited to see what the upcoming years will bring.

Although I am leaving Studio 1, a selection of my work will still be available at the Forge where I am remaining as a Network Member.

What's next? In the future I may search for a new studio location but currently I am sitting at a paint splattered desk in my lovely new home and planning a series of events that I will be attending this year including the Country Living Spring Fair in London next month. I have new silk scarves in the pipeline and some new mini notebooks.

I hope that my customers in the Allen Valleys will continue to keep in touch and I will continue to keep creating new work and you can follow my adventures online on Facebook. I am always availavle to chat in person if you'd like to see where I work.

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