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Changes to Postage Costs!

So there wasn't a way of making that title catchy...but hopefully this news won't be too disappointing. Earlier in the year Royal Mail upped their prices. Up until now I have been eating the costs for this however I have decided to make a couple of changes as all my costs are going up and as a small business I need to be realistic. One of the changes is that the price for small parcels has gone up to £4.50 in line with the increases.

However, I have also reduced the price for medium parcels to the same price. That means if you are buying multiple items you won't be paying more for this, it will stay capped at £4.50. Cards and decorations remain at a lower rate but hopefully this will work out better for my customers all round.

I always like to try and keep my prices down for my customers and I don't like the idea of incorporating postage costs into the price of the products as this would mean people were paying more when they bought several items. I am grateful that the majority of people buying through my website do buy more than one thing so this way should work out cheaper and help me afford my son's train habit!

At the moment I am still only shipping to the UK as standard but I will always look into prices based on a specific order for those of you who live overseas. A huge thank you to everyone who continues to support my little business, it means the world.

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