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How Pet Portraits Work

I've had several requests recently on how my commissions work. I think I need to have a little update of my website anyway but in the meantime I thought I would take the time to give you an overview of how a custom pet painting works should you trust me to bring your four-legged family to life and capture their unique personalities.

Say Cheese : I work from photographs. If people are local to me (the North East) I am happy to help take photos of your pet but some of my clients live considerably further afield so photos is the best way to paint them. Sometimes people have one photo that they love and I work for that, other times people aren't sure and they send several and I can advise. It is also possible to merge photos in either a collage or use the head from one pose and the body of another. When painting more than one pet I don't need them to be in the same photograph but it helps to have at least one photo together so I can get sizing right. Pose wise people tend to choose either a full body shot or head and shoulders, this is entirely your choice.

It All Starts With A Sketch : Once I have photos I will do a simple line drawing. I don't do shadows or tone in these sketches and the idea is that you can be happy with the pose and size before I add ink and its too late to change your mind!

Inked Up : I work in ink and watercolours with the ink being brushed on first to look like fur. This is a process I use for all my animals and I find it adds texture to the painting and helps capture movement so it looks like your pet is about to bounce away.

Progress Shots : Most of the time I will send you progress shots as I go along. Feel free to nag me! Sometimes I do forget when I am busy but you can request an update whenever you like. Please note that if you have white pets they will look multicoloured for a while, this is because I have to add lots of tone and depth before adding white over the top so they have form to them.

C'est Finit! : When I am finished I will send you photographs for your approval and if you're happy thats it! If you think there are some additional changes needed just shout.

Prices : Are based for a single pet and paper size and portraits come mounted as standard. Should you wish to have multiple pets painted I add a small supplement.

A5 - £100 (head shot only)

A4 - £200

A3 - £300

A2 - £500

Framing : I am happy to frame your paintings too. Prices are at cost and based on the moulding you choose. There is a risk to posting frames, however thankfully I haven't had a breakage in a few years.

How Long Does It Take? : Paintings can take between 1-3 weeks but as I have a list I ask that you give me as much notice you can so I can organise my schedule. There is no payment up front and...

You Pay At The End : For most of my pet commissions I take payment at the end of the painting. This is largely because it saves me keeping track of deposits but it also means you will get to see just how much the painting will capture your pet's character at the end. I am proud to say that I have never had a dissatisfied customer and the only time I make people cry its good tears I promise!

Products and prints: There are quite a lot of my products you can get your pet transferred on to once you have a painting. Ranging from cards to cushions you can get personalised gifts for your family.

Here's a waffly video explaining a painting from start to finish....

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