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Relocation, relocation, relocation

Exciting news! This morning I'm sat in the sun with a cup of tea and some porridge outside the Hearth at Horsley. I am delighted to announce that this is very soon to be the new location for my studio. I will be moving in in June and it's a fabulous attic space complete with slanty walls, beams and tonnes of character. Photos will have to wait till I've managed to shove my furniture up the stairs next week but I wanted to share the news with you prematurely as I am just so excited.

I had a fabulous year at Gibside but going forward I am thrilled to be joining the ranks of many talented artists including:

Rebecca Vincent

David Holiday

Mandy Patulo

Ruth Hicken

Sara Jane Palmer

Cathy Duncan

Kim Lewis and Melanie Hopwood.

You can find out more about the Hearth from their website. It's a stones throw away from Newcastle (straight down the A69 just past Heddon on the Wall) and has a lovely cafe plus a hall in which I intend on running workshops.

I hope to have the chance to see some of you there and I'll be sharing pictures of the move in the coming weeks.

Best, Jina

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