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Hi, I'm Peter...

This week I have a work experience student from Biddick Academy working with me. Peter wants to run his own art business one day and is getting an overview of what that means with regards to my Jina Gelder Illustration. I thought it might be a good idea to let him take over social media for a little bit so here is one of a couple blog posts Peter is writing...

Day 1 Of Work Experience

Day one was really fun I spent sometime ripping some cards with prints on them for Jina then I spent the rest drinking hot chocolate and making thumbnails for a final piece that I’m going to complete for the end of the week.


I really want to start my own art business and being here is really informative because of all the advice and tips I’m getting and because I’m able to ask questions here which would take me ages to find out myself.

Day 2 of Work Experience

Day two has been very different from day one. I started out by helping Jina package and post some orders and then we came to the studio where I made the mini frame boxes. I liked doing these since it was something practical. I hate having to just write stuff down and prefer to be more hands on with stuff. Jina also brought her dog who is so adorable and well behaved. I’m learning a lot being here and I am really enjoying myself already. Can’t wait for the rest of the week.

Mini pictures in box frames
Tia curled up watching us work

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