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Inspiration at The Hearth

This week I have a work experience student from Biddick Academy working with me. Peter wants to run his own art business one day. As part of his experience I suggested he went to visit some of the other artists here at The Hearth to see what they get up to in their creative process and running their businesses. Here are his thoughts....

I’ve gone to visit the other artists in the studio that have been in this week to talk and see what they work with. Every artist is different with their own styles and materials that they use. It’s really interesting to see how differently each artists works. I took pictures of some of the most impressive and pleasing artwork that peeked my interest. While visiting the artists they were all very friendly.

Jill Stewart

Jill works with metals and makes beautiful stuff by etching and burning different metals, which she then turns into different colours. She makes unique clocks and amazing jewellery. The mix of metals used together give her stuff contrast and make them stand out. I personally love her clocks because of the animals she puts on them and because of there unique shapes and colours I didn’t know metal could be.

Melanie Hopwood

Melanie works with clay to make these geographical looking tiles and quirky jewellery. She also had these very distinctive clay made bowls. Her work is eye-catching and really alluring. I really love the tiles she makes which remind me of landscapes. I especially like the small tile behind the three necklaces which reminds me of the beach on a hot day because of the swirls of light and dark blue, a sandy brown and a delicate white. If I had the money to I’d buy one of them for my room.

Rebecca Vincent

Rebecca does printmaking. Her work is vibrant and has colours that compliment each other yet at the same time seem to contrast each other and stand out. She does stunning landscapes which catch the eye and draw you in to observe the artwork and look at the different colours used in such an amazing way. I like the pastel coloured ones the most. The colours are beautiful and make the landscapes look dreamy.

Cathy Duncan

Cathy specialises in linocuts. This is an interesting and very cool way to make art. She cuts out the parts she wants to keep white and puts black on the surface making these amazing pieces of art. She has these cool tools that she uses to carve out the space she wants to and makes artwork from it. Making coloured ones seems even more complicated to me. It’s really impressive that she’s able to make these amazing art works and she has a talent to be able to do this. My favourite pieces of hers are her black and white ones because the colours contrast each other and have loads of little details in that come forward the more you look at them.

Jessica Kinnersley

Jessica is a textiles artist who uses hand embroidery to make different things. She has a little of everything such as badges and cards and things to hang on walls, which is really cool. She uses different fabrics and button stuff to put on her work. She even includes pictures in her stuff which is something i’ve never seen someone do before. She uses vintage pictures that a family member took in the 1960s which I found fascinating since I enjoy historical stuff. I think this puts an incredible twist and meaning to her work. It was really interesting to feel all the different textures on her work. She was very nice and made small talk while explaining how she does stuff. I really love the little camera badges she does. She also gave me a piece of sheet music she had on her wall for me to use to draw on as I’ve wanted to do something like that for ages.

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