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My New Studio!

2016 is already shaping up to be an exciting year and I am absolutely delighted to announce that I now have a new studio! On Thursday my Mam and I, along with the help of my new neighbours and Beverley, began moving the furniture into my new tack room space at Gibside in Rowlands Gill. Gibside is a National Trust property built in the 18th Century and myself and other creative businesses reside in the stables of the property as part of The Branch project.

I have moved into the tack room which, being in a listed building, has a lot of charm and character but required some creative thinking on how to hang my work. I love it and its sandwiched between the little museum at the stables and the stalls themselves which on some days have horses in them to keep me company.

As the furniture was brought in and the flag flooring swept it was already beginning to feel like a cosy space and after the cobwebs were moved and the stock was brought in I was pretty chuffed with my new workspace.

To get to my studio you simply walk up to the stables from the main entrance or hop on a free shuttle bus if you don't fancy a stroll. It is about a mile in distance and up hill but it is a beautiful walk. Once in the stables head to your left and you can access my studio either from the stables directly or through the museum.

I am aiming to work from my studio as much as possible but as many of you will know I also attend a lot of different fairs and events as well as teaching so to find out which days I will be in my studio please visit the calendar on my website and all the days will be listed there.

After loading all the shelves with my products on the friday I started painting my first piece of artwork in the new space, which aptly was a horse. If you choose to visit my studio, more often than not I will be sitting painting and please do not think you're interrupting me. I always love to hear peoples' opinions and there's usually a animal character in need of a name.

I also plan on setting up some workshops from Gibside very soon and if you're interested in keeping in touch with information on those the easiest thing to do is sign up to my newsletter here.

I hope that you will get to come and visit my studio and as an added incentive on top of the beautiful grounds, delicious food and events that make up Gibside there are other studios which house my wonderful creative neighbours:

Please note that Gibside is a National Trust property and as such there is an entrance fee for non-members to help support and maintain the site and the fabulous work they do. If you are wanting to visit me specifically or collect an order in person please get in touch before hand to arrange a date and time and I can let the staff at the entrance know and they will let you in without paying the entrance fee.

See You Soon!

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